Health Reporters

App Metrics reporters allows your health check results to be reported for alerting and visualization. The following is a list of the reporters currently available.


    Health check results can be visualised with Grafana by reporting health check results as metrics. Grafana also supports annotations, whereby points can be marked on a graph with event descriptions. The App.Metrics.Health.Reporting.GrafanaAnnotation nuget package supports marking Grafana graphs with failing and/or degraded health check results. This is currently a work in progress. More documentation to come.


    The App.Metrics.Health.Reporting.Metrics nuget package records health check results as metrics allowing results to be flushed to a supported TSDB via one of the App Metrics metrics reporters. Documentation coming soon, for now see the sample app.


    The App.Metrics.Health.Reporting.Slack nuget package alerts failing health checks to slack. Documentation coming soon, for now see the sample app.