App Metrics Code Samples You can find code samples referenced below for App Metrics features on GitHub. Solutions AspNetCore2.Api.sln AspNetCore2.Api.QuickStart.csproj: An ASP.NET Core 2.0 Api with App Metrics 2.0 basics configured. This project works with the web monitoring dashboards which can be imported from Grafana Labs. Enable the following compiler directives to highlight example configuration options: HOSTING_OPTIONS: Custom hosting configuration which sets a custom port and endpoint for each of the endpoints added by App Metrics.


    App Metrics does not include any visualzation tool but does include Grafana dashboards for web applications which will get you started with the default metrics recorded by App Metrics ASP.NET Core Tracking. You can find App Metrics compatible Grafana dashboards on Grafana Labs. Web Monitoring Web application dashboard that can be used with App Metrics ASP.NET Core Tracking. With metrics tagged by application, the same instance of the dashbaord can be used by mulitple applications to monitor typical web metrics.