Quick Start

This quick start guide assumes creating an ASP.NET Core MVC application, however a dependency on MVC is not required.

Getting started

Create a new ASP.NET Core MVC project.

Then install the App.Metrics.AspNetCore.Mvc nuget package:

nuget install App.Metrics.AspNetCore.Mvc


Modify the Program.cs to apply the App Metrics ASP.NET Core defaults:

public static class Program
	public static IWebHost BuildWebHost(string[] args)
		return WebHost.CreateDefaultBuilder(args)

	public static void Main(string[] args) { BuildWebHost(args).Run(); }


Optionally add the following configuration to your appsettings.json

  "MetricsOptions": {
    "DefaultContextLabel": "MyMvcApplication",
    "Enabled": true
  "MetricsWebTrackingOptions": {
    "ApdexTrackingEnabled": true,
    "ApdexTSeconds": 0.1,
    "IgnoredHttpStatusCodes": [ 404 ],
    "IgnoredRoutesRegexPatterns": [],
    "OAuth2TrackingEnabled": true
  "MetricEndpointsOptions": {
    "MetricsEndpointEnabled": true,
    "MetricsTextEndpointEnabled": true,    
    "EnvironmentInfoEndpointEnabled": true

Modify the Startup.cs allowing App Metrics to inspect MVC routes by using the MvcOptions extensions method AddMetricsResourceFilter():

public class Startup
	public void Configure(IApplicationBuilder app)

	public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
		services.AddMvc(options => options.AddMetricsResourceFilter());

The AddMetricsResourceFilter extension method on MvcOptions is required to allow App Metrics to inspect MVC route templates to tag metrics.

Testing it out

Run your web application and request the following urls:

Endpoint Description
/metrics Exposes a metrics snapshot using the configured metrics formatter.
/metrics-text Exposes a metrics snapshot using the configured text formatter.
/env Exposes environment information about the application e.g. OS, Machine Name, Assembly Name, Assembly Version etc.

What’s next

  • With your web application configured, choose and configure one of the reporters.
  • Now you have your metrics persisted, check out the Grafana Dashboards provided.
  • Start tracking your own metrics.